Improved Quality of Life

A Champion for Residents

Throughout his time in office, Mitch Nowakowski has been a champion for the residents of the Fillmore District, fighting tirelessly for a better quality of life for all. One of his primary areas of focus has been infrastructure, parks, and community improvements, and he has secured millions of dollars in funding to support these efforts. From road and bridge repairs to public transportation upgrades and the creation of more green spaces, Mitch has worked to ensure that the district is safe, accessible, and welcoming to all who call it home.

Providing Support and Resources

In addition to his work on infrastructure, Mitch has also fought to protect the interests of Fillmore District residents in other ways. During the pandemic, he pushed to maintain feasible taxes for local businesses and residents, and he authored legislation to protect historic buildings, reduce blight, and create a language and disability access plan. He has also been a strong advocate for the disability community, working to ensure that everyone has the support they need to thrive in the district.

Strengthening Housing Standards

Finally, Mitch has been committed to improving the quality of housing in the Fillmore District, updating local ordinances to improve standards and proactively inspecting rental dwellings for lead paint. He has also fought to prohibit the rental of contaminated units and provide halal lunch options for students in local schools. By taking on these quality of life issues, Mitch has demonstrated his deep commitment to the residents of the Fillmore District and his determination to make their lives better in every way possible.

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