Preserving Our Assets

Mitch Nowakowski's belief in preserving the heritage and cultural identity of the Fillmore District is rooted in the understanding that the district's historical landmarks, buildings, and overall aesthetics serve as symbols of the community's rich cultural and social history. As such, Mitch is dedicated to working with local organizations, community leaders, and city officials to identify and protect the district's historical landmarks and structures, ensuring their continued existence for future generations.

Placemaking in Fillmore

Preserving the district's historical landmarks and buildings goes beyond simple maintenance and upkeep. Mitch recognizes the importance of ensuring that these structures remain relevant and meaningful to the community. He will strive to create opportunities for residents to learn about the district's cultural and historical significance through educational programs, tours, and other initiatives.

The Social Fabric

Furthermore, Mitch understands that the preservation of the Fillmore District's cultural identity is not simply limited to physical structures, but also encompasses the community's social fabric. As such, he is committed to supporting local artists and cultural events that celebrate the district's diverse heritage and traditions. By promoting and preserving the district's cultural identity, Mitch aims to strengthen the community's sense of pride and connection to the neighborhood, fostering a vibrant and resilient community for years to come.

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