Meaningful Legislation

Secured Millions in Community Improvements

In his efforts to improve the Fillmore District, Mitch has secured millions of dollars for infrastructure, park, and community improvements. Through his dedication and advocacy, the district has seen significant progress and growth in recent years. He has also been a vocal advocate for the district's fair share of funding from the American Rescue Plan, fighting to ensure that the district receives the resources it needs to thrive and recover from the impacts of the pandemic.

Fought for Resources and Assistance During Covid

During the pandemic, Mitch worked to maintain feasible taxes for residents, recognizing the economic hardships that many were facing. He also authored legislation to create a reserve fund policy for future emergencies, ensuring that the district is prepared for any future crises that may arise.

Strengthening Preservation

Mitch has been a strong advocate for historic preservation in the Fillmore District. He authored legislation to protect historic buildings, reduce blight, and create a language and disability access plan. He has also worked to remove school speed zone cameras, provide halal lunch options for students, and advocate for the disability community.

Protecting Residents and Quality of Life

In addition to his work on infrastructure and housing, Mitch has also passed and updated local ordinances to improve housing standards in the district. He has proactively inspected rental dwellings for lead paint and prohibited the renting of contaminated units, ensuring that residents have access to safe and healthy living conditions. Mitch's commitment to improving the quality of life for residents in the Fillmore District has had a significant impact, creating a safer and more sustainable community for all.

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